Appartamenti per le vacanze a Santa Teresa di Riva
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Via Pozzo Lazzaro, 9

Santa Teresa di Riva (ME)




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La Tisana

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 a S. Teresa di Riva-

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We rent vacation apartments in the center and just 30 meters from the sea!

the jonian coast, taormina, mount etna


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Santa Teresa di Riva is a town of 9,242 inhabitants in the province of Messina in Sicily.

The 'village, situated on the Ionian coast, overlooking the sea in all its length with as many as 3 km of beaches and slopes gently toward the hill, the green lung of the small town, from which emanates the unmistakable heady aroma of orange blossom. For nature lovers and hikers at the end of the town runs a wide path of pedestrians and cyclists paths of 6, 93 km, with a picnic area, along the banks of the river d’Agro a varied landscape and soothing even to behold.


A confluence of roads that connect the hills to the sea S. Teresa offers visitors the chance to get round in a very short time (15 to 35 minutes) consists of a charming hinterland towns rich in history and traditions, impartial beauty and breathtaking scenery like Taormina, a popular holiday destination for excellence in Sicily, Giardini Naxos , which was the first Greek colony in Sicily, Forza d'Agro, Savoca and other medieval towns like Roccafiorita, Antillo, Mandanici, Francavilla with the Alcantara Gorges.

Its central location halfway between Catania and Messina reaching you quickly (almost an hour) to the majestic Mt. Etna, Acireale and such places as the beautiful Aeolian Islands, departing from Milazzo (45 min.) and, as you may want to explore in addition, Syracusa and Noto Valley, property of 'UNESCO, in just 90 min. highway.


... You just have to pack well, being careful not to forget the swimming suits! (which in any case you can buy on the spot at one of the several shops in the town).

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